Education+ Key=SUCESS

Education+ Key=SUCESS

Friday, November 27, 2009

Reflection #20

Intersexuality is when a person is born with two gentiles, and posses the chromosomes of both male and female, which is also known to many as hermaphrodites. Parents, who have these children with this born at birth; therefore, often omit one of the genitals to allow the child to become either male, or female,. Their choice of schooling is suggested having home-schooling to cause the child scrutiny in the public school system. Thus, there are some parents who allow their children in public school to have a normal environment. On the other hand, transsexuality is when the person feels that they are in the wrong body, and transform their sexual organs from male to female, or vice versa. These individuals are known to have gender identity disorder, and they are more common to undergo surgery and have sexual change surgeries. Individuals who dress in the opposite sex attire are known as transvestitism. Transgender people adjust their new identity fairly well, sometimes heterosexual people are involved with transgender people, and remain heterosexual, yet the misconception many have is that the person involved with a transgender is homosexual. In the study I have learned the difference between the intersexuality and transgender, I have been aware of this information prior to being introduced to the study, yet I learned the difficult challenges that one faces when they becoming aware of their diverse lifestyle. Perhaps the most surprising information that I stereotyped, but found to be knowledgeable was that those involved with transgender or transsexual can have a normal relationship with a heterosexual. Homosexuality has come to my attention that the American society is not ready, nor comfortable with idea of that type of change, and is accepted to diversity, but not in the matter of transexuality.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reflection #19

Homosexuality has become a controversial topic for the American society because most Americans are part of a religious denomination, and forbids homosexuality in their religious group; moreover, it introduces children to an unorthodox lifestyle that is not perceived well with Americans. They are uncomfortable with homosexuality because it crosses the path of religion, and defeats religious purposes of marriage between a man and woman.

In my opinion, I believe that homosexuality is a choice and it is not a genetic disorder as many speculate in recent studies because of the mere implication of teenagers being introduced to it by sexual activity and hormonal urgency. It is a sensitive topic among many and although it is a different lifestyle, it allows one to appreciate the diversity in an individual. I was not exposed to homosexuality, until I reached in my freshman year of high school. I had to change my mind-frame and the na├»ve knowledge I had prior to knowing about this topic In recent years as I have become knowledgeable about homosexuality, and like many, I am not comfortable with homosexuality; I have come to accept it. Homosexuality has become a topic that has shifted from homosexuality being a possible genetic trait within a person from a choice within peoples’ lives. As many are conducting a study to understand the concept behind homosexuality, there are some misconceptions of homosexuality, such as homosexuality is contagious. In addition to, homosexuality being a sensitive topic within the household, many children are also knowledgeable about homosexuality and its affliation,there have even been children as young as nine to admit they are homosexual; sometimes If a guy has a small characteristics of a woman they are often told they are homosexuals, such as their feature,walk,or voice. Personally, I try to accept people for who they are as a person, not for their personal sexual orientation because we are all human, and we ultimately control what we as individuals believe is moral.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reflection #18

In the Tales of two Islands, the common thread for the countries of Cuba and Haiti are both citizens of these countries are treated maliciously by their government, and are in the quest to find freedom for their families. The Cuban immigration centered on Cuba citizens emigrated to American, specifically Miami, Florida to escape the dictatorship of their former president Batista, but he was later overthrown by Fidel Castro in the 1950’s. Throughout the 1950’s the Castro regime took away freedom from the citizens in Cuba; limiting them to the amenities they once enjoyed. In 1959, an estimated 124,000 Cubans were living in the United States, those who were in exile had fled the country that they once loved; subsequently, many homes were confiscated by the Cuban government. In 1994, President Clinton signed the wet-feet, dry-feet policy for Cuban immigrants; however, the Haitian Immigrants would have to fight for their rights to live in American, prior to what the Cubans had dealt with during the beginning of the Fidel Castro’s regime.
In 1957 after President Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier brutalized the citizens of Haiti, even in 1967 many were executed by the president, after Francois passed his son Jean- Claude resumed his father’s mistreatment of the island people. More than 55, ooo people of Haitian descendants exiled from the Duvalier’s’ governs for the better life in Florida. In September 1981, President Regan signed the Alien Migrant Interdiction Operation, which helped Haitians have temporary placement in the United States. In 1990 Jean-Bertrand Aristide became prime minster of Haiti, but was later overthrown.
Throughout the early 1990’s into the late 1990’s laws were placed on the president’s desk, house and senate but later denied. The treatment towards the Cuban community and Haitian community are similar, yet different, and a conflict among Americans, who believe neither, should be given the rights to stay because it is illegal, on the other hand, many believe that this country needs multiple countries of diversity. Either country should resolve the problems that divides, and allow immigrants to have a voice and place in the American society because American was founded by immigrants.